Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Certificate in Business for Global Practices (San Diego, USA)

About the program (in English)!

Core Classes and Electives In addition to English classes, students must enroll in and successfully complete four or more business classes during each session they participate in the program. Choices include: Introduction to Business, Business Discussions, Business Video, Profiles in Business, Oral Presentations, TOEIC Business Idioms, Biz Talk, Business Readings, Talking About Business, Multimedia for Business, and Business Writing. Choices vary by session and placement level.

Workshops Each term, students participate in one or more of the workshops that may be offered. Choices include: Research Skills, Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques, PowerPoint, Business Etiquette, and Networking. Choices vary by session.

Seminars Each term, students participate in one or more of the seminars that may be offered. Choices include: The History of Business in the U.S., Entrepreneurship, Marketing Case Studies, Introduction to American Business Law, and Trends in Management. Choices vary by session.

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When? October 20 - December 16

Price: 2,500€

Deadline: September 15, 2010 

Requirements: intermediate to advanced English language proficiency and high level of commitment.

Housing: Family (individual room, breakfast & dinner), residence and shared housing. Request info!

Where and How to reserve the program - or email

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