Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Top 10 Prácticas Profesionales (Londres, Malaga, Berlin y San Francisco)

10 Hot Opportunities:

1) MEDIA (London): Roles in Media including Designers & Sales/Marketing enterns at Blueprint TV

2) INTERNET / ONLINE MARKETING (London): Rocketer are looking for a Full-time PPC Executive, Sales Research entern, Facebook Advertising entern & Trainee Sales exec

3) TOURISM / REAL ESTATE (Malaga): AlfrescoProperty are looking for enterns to join them for Summer 2011

4) IT (London): BusinessITOnline are looking for Sales Executives

5) INTERNET / MUSIC (Berlin): SoundCloud need Community Managers, Web Developers, Statistical Modelling and Business Development enterns

6) MEDIA / MARKETING (London): Award winning Codilink are looking for Sales & Marketing enterns

7) INTERNET (London): Groupon/MyCityDeal are looking for an Entrepreneur in Residence & Business Development enterns

8) MOBILE / INTERNET (London): Sales & Marketing entern required at Fonmigo

9) INTERNET (San Francisco / remote): Celebrity New Analyst required at Scoopler Inc

10) GAMING (San Francisco): Heyzap are on the hunt for a Business Development entern

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