Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nuevas Prácticas Profesionales (Londres y Berlin)

10 Hot Opportunities:

1) IT / FINANCE (London): interested in financial modelling and markets? If so check out the Programmer role at Active Capital Management

2) TECHNOLOGY / DESIGN / FOREIGN AFFAIRS (London): A unique opportunity to work alongside the prolific Ben Hammersley (Editor at Large of WIRED Magazine) as a Research entern at Dangerous Precedent Ltd 

3) INTERNET / FASHION / RETAIL: leading customised fashion company Clifton Custom are looking for a Business Development & Marketing entern

4) TRAVEL / INTERNET (London): cogoTrip are looking for a Business Development Executive to join their team

5) MEDIA / ENTERTAINMENT (London): PR & Event Management entern required for music & luxury entertainment specialists Bacanal Media & Entertainment

6) FINANCE (London): Graduate Trainee role at Capital Alternatives - the UK's leading alternative asset specialist

7) PUBLISHING / FOREIGN AFFAIRS (London): Your chance to work at Envoy Media for Diplomat Magazine 

8) MUSIC / INTERNET (London or Berlin): Music entern required at SoundCloud

9) JOURNALISM (Remote): YourHiddenPotential is looking for article writers

10) MEDIA (London): Design enternship at Techlightenment - a NMA Top 100 Social Media Agency 

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