Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Prácticas Profesionales en el Extranjero (Londres, Nueva York & Varsovia)

10 Nuevas Oportunidades:

1) MEDIA (London): Launch48 are looking for a Reporter Entern to help them kickstart a new online magazine

2) "STEALTH-MODE" INTERNET (London): A unique opportunity to work with a team of experienced entrepreneurs to launch a new VC backed business in the UK as Business Development/Sales Managers/enterns. Both full-time and internship roles available.

3) MEDIA (London): Europe's leading online video producer - Diagonal View - are looking for a Social Media entern

4) IT (New York): ShopWiki are looking for a German speaking Online Marketing entern

5) MEDIA / MOBILE (London): Fonmigo are hiring an Online Marketing and New Business entern

6) SOCIAL ENTERPRISE (London): UnLtd - the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs are looking for an entern to help on UnLtd Connect -the Mentoring Network.

7) FINANCE / INTERNET (London): Groupon are looking for a Finance Entern (as well as Business Development and Entrepreneur in Residence enterns)

8) VENTURE CAPITAL / CLEAN-TECH (Warsaw): Environmental Investment Partners - Central Europe's leading clean-tech VC fund is looking to hire an entern

9) EDUCATION / INTERNET (London): Tinderbooks - a text book rental company are looking for an Online Marketing entern

10) SOCIAL ENTERPRISE (London): The Young Foundation are looking for a Research & Communications entern

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