Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nuevas Prácticas Profesionales (San Francisco, Paris, Cardiff, Noida, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Londres...)

10 Hot Opportunities:

1) GAMING (San Francisco): Heyzap are a VC backed start-up looking for enterns to join their team

2) INTERNET (Paris): Milestone Lab are a cutting edge video platform company offering various enternships

3) ENTERTAINMENT (Cardiff): Dizzyjam make t-shirts for the music industry and are looking for Marketing enterns

4) NON-PROFIT (Noida):  Indian youth charity Milaan are looking for a Research Associate

5) INTERNET (Amsterdam): ILUMY BV are a digital design and innovation firm looking for web developers

6) IT (London): HyperRig provide risk management software to the Banking sector and are looking for a Marketing & PR entern

7) INTERNET (Berlin): German money saving website Sparwelt are looking for Developers to join their team

8)  MEDIA (London): Adfonic - one of the top global mobile advertising networks is looking for a 3-month Campaign Executive

9) EDUCATION (Barcelona): Language services agency Backuplines is offering an HR enternship and looking for a PHP Programmer

10) INTERNET (Bangkok/Singapore/Zurich): Solosso the custom clothing company are looking for a Business Development entern in Asia

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