Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prácticas Profesionales en el Extranjero (London, Copenhagen, Berlin y Glasgow)

1) INTERNET (Berlin): work in Social Media Marketing / International Business Development with experienced internet entrepreneurs at one of Germany's newest VC backed start-ups 9Flats

2) GOVERNMENT (London): The Westminster Business Council is looking for a Business Development & Marketing intern

3) ENERGY / CLEAN-TECH (London): AquaMW are looking for Business Analysts to join their team

4) INTERNET (London): Join one of the world's fastest growing startups;  Groupon are hiring interns in Business Analytics, Strategic Planning, Compliance Business Development, and Entrepreneurs in Residence

5) VENTURE CAPITAL (Copenhagen): Rainmaking is a 'start-up factory' looking for Social Media interns

6) EDUCATION / IT (London): Dabblerr is an educational platform; they are looking to hire Web Developers

7) INTERNET (London): Floxx (formerly known as FitFinder) are hiring a Junior Web Developer

8) MUSIC / INTERNET (London): Songkick are looking for interns to join their team

9) INTERNET / LOGISTICS (London): Shutl are hiring Social Media interns

10) PR (Glasgow): Revolver PR are looking for interns to join their team

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